Puerto Vallarta fishing information

 Puerto Vallarta fishing offers an array of different fishing types. You can go out for record braking marlin and Yellowfin tuna! or stay inside the bay and catch smaller yellowfin tuna's, Red snapper, jack cravalle. amberjack, pompano, and mackeral. but that is not all Puerto Vallarta fishing has to offer you can also target sailfish, mahi mahi, and wahoo! Puerto Vallarta has it all so if you are looking for a certain game fish contact us we will let you know if that special fish you would like cactch is in season we are always glad to help out. Puerto Vallarta's Banders bay is grounds consist of mainly three different spots for big game fish over 100 lbs el morro, corbetena Puerto Vallarta and the bank. el morro is a rock 22 miles from the Marina Vallarta great for targeting sailfish, mahi mahi, smaller Tuna, Red snapper, and Roosterfish, corbetena is a reef 36 miles out from the marina and is know for huge YellowFin Tuna, Sailifish, Marlin, Wahoo, and Mahi mahi. The bank or el Banco is a canyon 50 miles form the marina known for record braking marlin, mahi mahi, 300+ yellow fin tuna's, sailifish, and Wahoo the Bank is what Puerto Vallarta fishing is all about. when you are coming fishing in Puerto Vallarta you want to make sure it is done right all the captain's that we work with are friendly Professionals that love to catch fish. All of Our Puerto Vallarta fishing charters also include everything you need and would expect on a big game fishing expedition new lines,flouro carbon leader, all top of the line shimano and penn gear, cedar plugs, your Puerto Vallarta fishing licenses, live bait, lures, ice, and live bait.www.fishinginpuertovallarta.com is a website dedicated to the finest Sport fishing charters that Puerto Vallarta has to offer. if you want to take out the whole family and maybe not go after big fish but just get alot of action we can make it happen all of Our captains have been fishing in Puerto Vallarta there whole life's and are very cappable for targeting all sorts of Puerto Vallarta fish! So just let us know what you would like to catch on your Puerto Vallarta fishing charter and we will turn your Puerto Vallarta vacation into a Puerto Vallarta fishing vacation because we guarantee the fishing is what you will be talking about when you get back home.